Choices For A Healthy Life Style: Healthy Beverages

Every drink that comes your way is not 100% healthy except the best beverage of all time; water. That is the best solution to quench your thirst. You should always know what you consume, hoe much to consume and when to consume. If you don’t have a proper knowledge of what is good and bad for your healthy life, then this article will be helpful for you to choose the correct beverage.

Water as a beverage

As aforementioned, water will always be the best solution. Its calorie free and sugar free. Not only it satisfies you in your thirst but also re-hydrates your whole system. For a day 11-15 cups of water is the average amount you should drink. Always keep in mind that every other beverage is made out of water and there is nothing in the world that does not uses water. If you really need to give this tasteless fluid some spice, add sliced citrus fruits like lemon, lime, orange and grape fruit to five that flavor. You don’t need to seek refuge in sugary drinks by using this trick. Homemade infused water is healthier and inexpensive.

Green tea

Try a cup of green tea instead of a normal cup of tea. This organic tea will boost you up, give you endurance to work throughout the day, helps you to lose weight, keep you away from man diseases and also gives you stimulation. Numi organic green tea is a very famous brand for green tea and it comes in different varieties like gunpowder green tea, ginger lemon, broccoli, spinach, and jasmine and fennel spice. You can either buy them online or buy them from the nearby stores. A packet of green tea contains many nutrients that you need to keep going healthy.

Fruit juices

Homemade fruit juices are easy and healthy. This contains no chemical preservatives and flavorings. You can make different types of juices like cranberry juice, strawberry juice, orange juice, papaya juice, etc. the way you like. Your kids will love them rather than what the shop has to offer. Believe it or not cranberry juice can prevent gum disease and orange juice may keep you away from cancer, birth defects and will also boost your immunity. There are many benefits you do not know about fruit juices. Make it as much as possible at home to taste fresher. Also these fruits contain a lot of vitamins needed for everyone. When preparing them try to use less amount of sugar.

Low fat milk

A glass of milk contains everything you need in a healthy meal such as carbohydrates, protein and a little fat. It is also an ideal choice in calcium. But you should always consume the fat reduced milk. Also you can have dairy products like curd and yoghurt. But always keep it to a limit.

Gift Ideas For A Traveller

While all of us love receiving gifts, buying it isn’t something we enjoy very much. That is mainly because we can’t really think of the perfect gift to get for the ones we care about.
However, this task becomes much easier if the recipient of the gift has a special interest. It narrows down our options and gives us a better idea of what that person may like. If you are trying to buy a gift for a friend or loved one who happens to love travelling, here are a few ideas that may interest you.

Travelling gear
If you are looking for a gift for someone who is very serious about their travelling, this is a perfect gift for them. It could be a new backpack, a important camping acccessories or a new set of binoculars. Since these items are not very cheap, the person who receives them will be highly appreciative. You can find these items online or in a store that specializes in travelling gear. If you are not sure about the exact item this person might need, getting a gift certificate from a shop that features the best travelling gear would also be a great present.

Those who love to travel, also enjoy walking quite a lot. They explore the new destinations they visit by spending hours walking through streets, beaches and mountains. Therefore, a new pair of shoes will never go to waste when it comes to a traveller. It could be new pair of sneakers or walking shoes. If it is someone who enjoys going on hikes, you could get an entire gift basket with a a pair of hiking shoes along with a water filter hiking.

The whole point of travelling is making memories. What better way to treasure the memories they make during their travels than to get in on camera. While buying a camera might be a gift that is way above your gift budget, you could always buy accessories and parts that would be helpful to your loved one. If you are aware that they need a new lens, a tripod or maybe even a camera bag, you could give it to them in the form of a gift. You could even invest on a drone camera or a new piece of equipment that will make your loved one very happy.

Air ticket
This is the ultimate gift for any traveller. An opportunity to add yet another amazing travelling experience to their life is something that they will be truly grateful for.  If you know of a specific destination your loved one has been waiting to go to, you could get at least a one way air ticket with a long expiry period.